Shrek Cast List

Shrek Cast List

Shrek  – Chip Smith

Donkey – Doug Fisichella

Fiona (July 26th-28th) – Angela Hunt

Fiona (Aug. 2nd -3rd) – Jacquelyn O’Brien

Lord Farquaad – David Josselyn

Dragon (July 26th-28th) – Jacquelyn O’Brien

Dragon (Aug. 2nd-3rd) – Angela Hunt

Pinocchio – William Hunt

Gingy/Fairy Godmother/Morning Bird – Isabella Stockham

Sugar Plum Fairy – Archer O’Brien

Big Bad Wolf/Thelonius/Papa Ogre – Chuck Roberts

Wicked Witch/Queen Lillian – Audrey Rager

Papa Bear/King Harold/Captain of the Guard – Michael Yocum

Mama Ogre/Mama Bear –  Lauren Droege

Baby Bear – Ben Hunt

White Rabbit – Warren Hardman

Peter Pan – Elsa Vossler

Mad Hatter – Sophia Stockham

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – Hazel and Lola Kelley

Ugly Duckling – Cammie Morrison

Elf – Lynda Icenogle

Humpty Dumpty – Jordanna Gagnon

Three Pigs – Emma Hardy, Killian O’Brien, Aucklynn Sacco

Fairy Tale Guard – Damian Sonsino

Three Blind Mice – Emma Hardy, Archer O’Brien, Isabella Stockham

Pied Piper – Sasha Sonsino

Bishop – Jess Schmeling (and special guest for July 28th only)

Dwarf – Special Guests

Young Shrek – Tommy LaRocca

Young Fiona in Scene 1 – Olive Diaz (July 26th), Alyssa Ruhl (July 27th), Macaelle Vasquez (July 28th), Jordanna Gagnon (Aug. 2nd), Maybel Icenogle (Aug. 3rd)

Young Fiona for “I Know It’s Today”  – Olivia Stockham (July 26th), Alice Britton (July 27th), Juliet Ragan (July 28th), Elsa Vossler (Aug. 2nd), Killian O’Brien (Aug. 3rd)

Teen Fiona – Sophia Stockham (July 26th), Cammie Morrison (July 27th), Emma Hardy (July 28th), Aucklynn Sacco (Aug. 2nd), Archer O’Brien (Aug. 3rd)

“Forever” Knights – Dutch Van Deuchen, Lauren Droege, Michael Yocum

Knights – Dutch Van Deuchen, Lauren Droege, Warren Hardman, , Damian Sonsino

Duloc Dancers – Alice Britton, Olive Diaz, Jordanna Gagnon, Lynda Icenogle, Maybel Icenogle, Hazel Kelley, Lola Kelley, Alyssa Ruhl, Sasha Sonsino, Olivia Stockham, Macaelle Vasquez

Rat Dancers – Jordanna Gagnon, Emma Hardy, Lynda Icenogle, Cammie Morrison, Killian O’Brien, Juliet Ragan, Aucklynn Sacco, Sasha Sonsino, Isabella Stockham, Sophia Stockham, Elsa Vossler

Villagers (Scene 1) – Dutch Van Deuchen , Warren Hardman, Angela Hunt, Jacquelyn O’Brien, Chuck Roberts, Damian Sonsino