Shrek Cast List

Shrek Cast List

Shrek  – Chip Smith

Donkey – Doug Fisichella

Fiona (July 26th-28th) – Angela Hunt

Fiona (Aug. 2nd -3rd) – Jacquelyn O’Brien

Lord Farquaad – David Josselyn

Dragon (July 26th-28th) – Jacquelyn O’Brien

Dragon (Aug. 2nd-3rd) – Angela Hunt

Pinocchio – William Hunt

Gingy/Fairy Godmother/Morning Bird – Isabella Stockham

Sugar Plum Fairy – Archer O’Brien

Big Bad Wolf/Thelonius/Papa Ogre – Chuck Roberts

Wicked Witch/Queen Lillian – Audrey Rager

Papa Bear/King Harold/Captain of the Guard – Michael Yocum

Mama Ogre/Mama Bear –  Lauren Droege

Baby Bear – Ben Hunt

White Rabbit – Warren Hardman

Peter Pan – Elsa Vossler

Mad Hatter – Sophia Stockham

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – Hazel and Lola Kelley

Ugly Duckling – Cammie Morrison

Elf – Lynda Icenogle

Humpty Dumpty – Jordanna Gagnon

Three Pigs – Emma Hardy, Killian O’Brien, Aucklynn Sacco

Fairy Tale Guard – Damian Sonsino

Three Blind Mice – Emma Hardy, Archer O’Brien, Isabella Stockham

Pied Piper – Sasha Sonsino

Bishop – Jess Schmeling (and special guest for July 28th only)

Dwarf – Special Guests

Young Shrek – Tommy LaRocca

Young Fiona in Scene 1 – Olive Diaz (July 26th), Alyssa Ruhl (July 27th), Macaelle Vasquez (July 28th), Jordanna Gagnon (Aug. 2nd), Maybel Icenogle (Aug. 3rd)

Young Fiona for “I Know It’s Today”  – Olivia Stockham (July 26th), Alice Britton (July 27th), Juliet Ragan (July 28th), Elsa Vossler (Aug. 2nd), Killian O’Brien (Aug. 3rd)

Teen Fiona – Sophia Stockham (July 26th), Cammie Morrison (July 27th), Emma Hardy (July 28th), Aucklynn Sacco (Aug. 2nd), Archer O’Brien (Aug. 3rd)

“Forever” Knights – Dutch Van Deuchen, Lauren Droege, Michael Yocum

Knights – Dutch Van Deuchen, Lauren Droege, Warren Hardman, , Damian Sonsino

Duloc Dancers – Alice Britton, Olive Diaz, Jordanna Gagnon, Lynda Icenogle, Maybel Icenogle, Hazel Kelley, Lola Kelley, Alyssa Ruhl, Sasha Sonsino, Olivia Stockham, Macaelle Vasquez

Rat Dancers – Jordanna Gagnon, Emma Hardy, Lynda Icenogle, Cammie Morrison, Killian O’Brien, Juliet Ragan, Aucklynn Sacco, Sasha Sonsino, Isabella Stockham, Sophia Stockham, Elsa Vossler

Villagers (Scene 1) – Dutch Van Deuchen , Warren Hardman, Angela Hunt, Jacquelyn O’Brien, Chuck Roberts, Damian Sonsino

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Imagine falling in love with your mortal enemy? Now imagine you are a 13-year-old girl trapped in a violent society dominated by strong men.

Would you risk everything to be with your new love? 

This Peak to Peak Players production features the finest young actors from Denver’s metro area, including 17-year-old Grace Pouliot as Juliet and 23-year-old Chris Van Winkle as the lovesick Romeo. 

The cast also include Tara Rose Kelso, as Mercutio, and Kate Parkin as Lady Capulet. Parkin and Kelso were seen recently in the critically acclaimed production of Wolves at the Boulder Ensemble Theater Company. 

The play will include a cameo appearance by dancers from the Boulder Ballet. They will perform the Colorado premier of Christopher Wheeldon’s “This Bitter Earth.” 

Wheeldon, the world’s foremost choreographer, is most recently known for his Tony-award winning “American in Paris” on Broadway.

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